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Doc Griffith’s Up Your Nose Drops are intended to be refreshingly strong. Upon initial use, you may experience an invigorating sensation lasting a few seconds. This sensation is part of the process that allows Up Your Nose Drops to work.  

        A Good position for inserting Up Your Nose Drops is to lie down or tilt your head back. Administer about ½ dropper full into each nostril. 

  • After the drops come in to contact with your sinuses, you may feel a refreshingly strong sensation. This is normal and it means that the drops are beginning their process of healing your sinuses. The goal is to get the liquid to spread over the entire inner surface of the nose. 

  • Next, roll your head to one side, then to the other. You will feel the drops slide into your sinuses. We like to think of this process as a bath for your nose.  


Use Up Your Nose Drops before bed and again when you wake. It is safe to use them up to 6 times daily, or more often if you are feeling extra congested due to a cold, the flu, or allergies. 


We encourage our users to use the entire contents of their first bottle within 30 days. After 30 days, reducing use to once or twice daily may be sufficient for keeping pesky nasal congestion at bay.  


*Contains Iodine 




Doc Griffith’s Big Bear Lung Elixir is an oral herbal formulation designed to support optimal respiratory health. Each 4-ounce bottle contains eleven carefully selected herbal extracts made from the finest organic ingredients available.  

Our lung elixir formula is refreshingly strong tasting (never watered down) and you will instantly feel its magical formula working to fight cough and respiratory illness. 

Big Bear Lung Elixir is easy to use! Simply drop 1-2 droppers full on to the back of your tongue/throat area. Use up to 8 times daily. 

A single 4-ounce bottle of Big Bear Lung Elixir will last a person approximately 1-3 months.  A little goes a long way! 

Does not contain artificial flavors or colors, preservatives, fillers, or added sweeteners. Big Bear Lung Elixir never expires.  



Doc Griffith uses DMSO daily in his practice with patients. Each 4-ounce bottle contains enough DMSO to last a person several months depending on method of use and how often it is used.  

Visit to learn more about its many uses. You may also visit and schedule a consultation appointment if you would like to talk with Doc Griffith about DMSO and its many valuable uses. 



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