Tried Nasal Sprays? Still Suffering from Sinus Congestion? Relief May Be a Few Nasal Drops Away.

Up Your Nose Drops is a small, cottage industry business and is made up of people who suffer from irritated sinuses and chronic sinus congestion due to colds and allergies. We were once users of J's Nose Drops. When they stopped producing their nose drops we were at a loss and spent close to a year researching and working by trial and error until we finally figured out J's Nose Drops magical formula!

Years ago we perfected our sinus formula and began giving samples of our nose drops to our colleagues, friends and family to try, they made great holiday gifts! Soon, people started asking where they could buy them and we were blown away by the positive feedback. However, what delights us most is that our nose drops are helping other people clear nasal congestion, heal inflamed sinuses, and provide a new alternative for those dissatisfied with nasal sprays and other remedies for sinus infection.

Today, we receive orders from all over the U.S. Mostly, people learn about our nose drops through word of mouth. This is how we really know they work! The greatest compliment we can receive is hearing from a customer that they heard about our products from someone they know! 

Personally, I haven't suffered through itchy and irritated sinuses in over three years! Our nose drops work better that any nasal rinse, nasal drop, or nasal spray I've ever tried and they're so easy to use and travel with. Up Your Nose Drops were created to help people like me who suffer from irritated, inflamed, and infected sinuses. They're specially formulated to be non-addictive, non-drying, and fast acting. So what are you waiting for? Order your drops today and liberate your sinuses!

Wishing you and your sinuses happiness!